Kira Raa is a Modern Mystic with EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE and TRAVELS throughout India. As an EXPERT on the Bhagavad-Gita she has called forward what many call the Masters understanding of this sacred text.

Kira Raa brings modern understanding to the ancient science of Rudraksha for today's special needs. With students world-wide she has witnessed the positive results that seemingly arise with miraculous timing when one connects with the Sacred Seeds of Rudraksha.

Devoting her life to the Science of the Yoga of Self-Ascension and practicing the Art of Ascended Living, she comments:

"The designs, combinations and divine blessings of ALL The pieces at Shivoham are merely the result of my saying YES to the Divine that is flowing through my hands as these creations are called forward. The "I" does nothing. The universal love that flows through Lord Shiva is reflected in every piece offered. My heart knows that through wearing these pieces your life enhances and your joy increases! Shivoham, Malas for Ascension is a gift of LOVE."

The 2019 Avesa Ascension Collection is a gift for all during these tumultuous times on our planet! Each piece carries the energy of Avesa Quantum Healing and offers SUPPORT for the journey into your Ascended Presence. It is my honor to bring this collection to the planet and I bow before you all!

With all my heart, Namaste!