Ascended Numerology: Unlocking the Code of the Soul

Imagine unlocking the inner wisdom contained within the code of your soul!

What would it reveal to you?

What would it confirm?

What would you do with this extraordinary information and insight?

Let go of everything you ever thought you knew about numerology, birth dates and traditional astrology, as you open the door to the Ancient Mystical blessing of Ascended Numerology!

This original science of using numbers was “lost” during the burning of the Library of Alexandria and only recently brought back for the benefit of all humanity. This purchase offers to you a beautiful and unique Diamond Foundation chart, based on your birth date, birth place and birth name. It offers deeper understanding of your Ascended Presence and how your Ascended Numerology interweaves with the Sacred Science of Rudraksha. It also shows Chakra relationships and so much more!

This is not a consultation or reading! You will receive printed information that will be useful for understanding your Soul Code and selecting appropriate Rudraksha to support your energy. For a full Ascended Numerology Reading with multipage page report and a private session with Kira Raa - CLICK HERE!

A fascinating and extraordinary science, your personal chart is prepared by a professional Ascended Numerologist. You will be delighted, illuminated and notice how beautifully this information synergizes with all aspects of your life!

This session is conducted via email. After you select this session you will receive an email with a few questions related to your birth information. Your completed chart and overview will be sent to you by email within 24 hours after your information is received. Note: this is a useful, revealing report; it is not a consultation!

$55 ($25 of this cost may be applied toward any Shivoham purchase within 30 days of session)

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The Shivoham mantra:

I AM not mind, nor intellect, nor ego, nor the reflections of inner self (chitta).

I AM not the five senses. I AM beyond that.

I AM not the ether, nor the earth, nor the fire, nor the wind.

I AM indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss!

Shiva, love and pure consciousness!