The chakra system is an energetic blueprint of your emotional, spiritual and physical body. There have been many systems and interpretations of the chakras throughout the ages. What is most important to take from them all is that the proper balance of your energetic body supports your overall well-being.

We live in rapidly escalating times and the energy body is becoming ever more active in response to this energy. We are each ascending in our perfect timing and as such we offer to you the ascended principles that are in action now as they affect your seven primary energy centers.

Each chakra is listed with its corresponding color and symbol. As you browse the selections offered throughout the site, you will see these symbols listed with each selection as a quick reference to the chakras that they specifically assist. However ALL selections serve your Ascended presence and to harmonize your spirit!

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7th Chakra (Sahasrara): The Crown or top of head

Seeking to experience and know God as Divine Love…to have a meaningful relationship with Spirit and feel the blessing of Divine Wisdom. “Bliss oriented”

As you fully experience the Sacred, a sense of Awe and Surrender deepens your understanding of the Divine Qualities you took birth to experience in this lifetime. The gift of trust fully reveals itself and actions align with this.

6th Chakra (Ajna): Third eye or Between the eyebrows

Seeking/yearning to feel direct guidance from one’s angels and guides. Wanting to align ones life experience with Spiritual Family and thus move out of relationships that are toxic and unsupportive.

The fullness of partnership is seeking expression through ascended refinement. Using Intuition to sense what others are “really intending” and to see the spiritual opportunities in circumstances. Stabilizing clarity.

5th Chakra (Vishudha): Throat

Seeking to really Know what is true for yourself at any given time and with any situation. Feeling safe enough to express that truth to those close to you without incurring judgment, especially of the self.

Being congruent with your authenticity so that interpretations and words do not distort what you feel and know. Ability to hear beyond the words others are expressing so that you can address their true needs. Letting life be less personal.

4th Chakra (Anahata): Heart center

Expressing Divine Love by caring for your partner, yourself, your body and offering love to the global family without losing balance. Working with the energy in this chakra you will naturally start healing all sense of abandonment, loss, grief or lack in your life. Embracing this energy is the calling forward of life’s lessons with gratitude and subsequently the energy to “fill” those areas with Love. A sense of Wholeness emerges as one trusts Divine Love.

3rd Chakra (Manipura): Solar Plexus

Owning your own creative gifts and expressing them in the world brings confidence and spiritual empowerment to you. This is true power, free from any need to control, and is based in self-trust and trust in others.

As this chakra comes into balance, true Inner Power is experienced. This true inner power anchors as a guidance system for the physical that is also connected to the Divine Flow of Creativity and Trust. Thus, the outer circumstances do not shake one’s self-worth.

2nd Chakra (Swathistana): Sacral area

Fluidity of motion and moving through frozen pictures of the way things were. The gift of releasing outdated beliefs and old wounds that would inhibit ones ability to move freely in the world of people and express ones gifts in the world.

While sexuality plays a significant role in this chakra, as the barriers to intimacy are dissolved, one begins to experience sexuality as an extension of ones spirituality and relationships are then grounded in mutual respect and love; thereby the shift into partnership. This chakra teaches balance through the cycles of change ever present in Life.

1st Chakra (Muladhara) : Root Center, Base of Spine

Through Service to others this chakra offers a foundation for Spiritual Energy as Divine Love offering abundance into the world. Reaffirm your intention to make life better for others, not just for yourself.

Bring and BE the energy of Service both inwardly and outwardly and thus attract abundance into your life as a flow of resources that support your intention to serve.

This stabilization will cradle the Kundalini thereby allowing it to flow freely without congestion.


Chakra Blockage inProminent Emotional symptomsCommon Physical symptoms
Muladhara : FirstDepression, Spacey, ungrounded, OCDLow back pain, obesity, arthritis, bone cancer
Swathisthana: SecondAddictions, emotional issues, Dullness, Fatigue, loss of sense of security, manifestations of unknown fears/hallucinationConsitpation, muscle pain, stiff lower back, HIV and Aids, Prostate Cancer, Emotional/Psychological*
Manipura: ThirdAnger, Fear of offending people or taking risks, Workaholic distractionDigestive track illness, stomach cancer, liver, Diabetes, skin cancer
Anahata: FourthGrief, Loneliness, depression, lack of self-loveAll heart conditions, Lung conditions, High Blood Pressure, Breast and Lung Cancer
Vishudha: FifthProblems communicating, timid/shy, holding back, lack of self-esteemEar, nose, throat issues, thyroid, stiff neck, throat cancer
Ajna: SixthScattered, foggy, confused, ruled by anxietyHeadaches, Vision issues, nightmares, Emotional/Psychological*
Sahasrara: SeventhDisconnected from Higher power, feel unworthy, Obsessed thinking, Angry at higher power…abandonedAlzheimer’s disease, MS, parkinsons disease, Alopecia, Brain Tumor, Emotional/Psychological*