Premium Mastery fragrances

Call forward the blessing of connecting with hand blended, hand rolled captivating incense that is truly a step above. The essence of Divine Mastery ignites the senses as your inner and your outer space is lovingly transformed.

Shivoham Scents of the Sacred is beautiful and long burning Premium incense that is hand crafted and enhanced with only natural ingredients, resins, pure essential oils, scented flowers, leaves and wood powder. It burns evenly as it weaves a sublime aroma while emitting minimal smoke that lingers ALL DAY or night!

Long burning, long lasting…MAGICAL!

The Sacred Seven set assists to illuminate ALL of your Chakras as you enhance the energy of your home, office, anywhere! As your heart calls, order the Sacred Seven at a discount and receive a beautiful hand carved wood ash catcher as our gift. Also discover each aroma individually. Each arrives beautifully packaged 20 stick packs and are your special treasure.

For 2019 we are delighted to have also enhanced our collection with THREE NEW Ascension Aromas!

  • Loban! Turn any space into a sacred temple and clear the!
  • Universal Protection! Calling forward the ample power of Dragon's blood you will notice the
  • Abundant Prosperity!