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February 28, 2019
Authentic Ecuadorian Ikat Macana with 5-G shielding
October 19, 2019
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5-G Shielded Authentic Panama Hat


Authentic Panama hats with 5-G shield lining inside.


Hand Made in Ecuador by a woman’s cooperative, these authentic woven hats are light weight, and classically styled.  They offer a classic look and will protect your face from from excess sun.

Inside each hat is a radiation-blocking silver fibre cloth lining that will shield your upper chakras from detrimental effects of 5-G cellular and other sources of EMF.  The silver cloth has natural anti-bacterial properties.

The hats come in two colors (blond and black) and there are two sizes of each color, 38 and 39.5.  See photos.

Write us with your size and other questions.

These products are offered on a pre-production basis only.  -limited supply-

Note:  Because of the size of the box, a small additional freight charge is required for this product.  However, two hats can  be shipped in one hat box.


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