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Cosmic Heart Connector

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This Sacred Kavach glides on like a long lost friend as it connects with your heart and calls forward your soul’s mission with clarity and courage! The Kavach is known for its properties as a shield that protects any negative energy and this cosmically created blessing is specifically created to sooth and calm the heart, release stress and relax doubt.

The stunningly perfect 6 Mukhi Rudraksha sits as a jewel offering inspiration, creativity and success! The hand selected quartz crystals for the 108 bead mala are strung with an easy to use clasp and it sits at the heart area.

The Trident of Shiva captures this energy through the presence of Lord Kartikeya as a commanding presence that assures you are protected and your visions are manifest! Affixed with a lovely OM the radiation of the cosmic universe connects UP to assist you to hold higher frequency energy effortlessly.

Presented in a custom handmade box it is a perfect ready to go gift for anyone who is ready to Ascend into the higher realms of their lives.

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Cosmic Heart Connector

  1. Patty Peterson

    I absolutely LOVE my cosmic heart connector. This is one piece that I am guided to wear every day to assist me to remain more balanced, calm and protected. I believe everyone could use this beautiful piece to help us in today’s energies. Thank you for this gift.

  2. Sue

    I strongly believe everyone on the planet should wear a Cosmic Heart Connector! The continuous stream of divine energy pouring through me each day TRULY supports me to staying in heart centered presence and peace-filled bliss.

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