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March 2, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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Cosmic Shiva Eye Agate


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The Ultimate Creation Portal creation! Consider the Divine Protection, Unification and Manifestation of Lord Shiva with you AT ALL TIMES! Lovingly and gently whispering into your divine wisdom centers with great clarity and profound insights. What are you ready to create? Bring your divine manifestation ability to the next level and say goodbye to interference energies and doubts! Worn at the heart area the sense of “family and beloved” come forward virtually without effort and your auric field is able to remain in a stable and whole space. Imagine the freedom to create when you are held with such love…all the time! WOW!

You can enhance the energies of your selection by varying the Wisdom strand you choose to hang it from.

Please make your selection of finish for your stunning hand-crafted Sacred Creation Portal. You can select from Pure Sterling Silver, Pure Sterling Silver with an 18K Gold plated inner Square, or FULL 18K Gold plate over Sterling Silver.

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