Trishul Power Pendant
Trishul Power pendant
October 27, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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Cosmic Trishul Shiva Eye Ring


Magnificently crafted from the finest quality solid sterling silver this Shivoham Exclusive Original is a Divine Power Ring that radiates the unified field of Cosmic Ascension Support.

Crafted perfectly this precious gift holds all the virtues in Sacred Union with the central point of focus being a hand selected and highly energized Cosmic Shiva eye agate!  Each divine gift is unique and you will immediately feel a sense of protection and “family” from the moment you slip it onto your finger.

You will discover that this ring may “call to be worn” on several different fingers and many wear one on each hand to enhance “balance”.  Most popular is wearing it on the “middle” or power finger or the traditional ring finger on each hand.  AND!  Once you receive your beautiful sacred wearable art, your heart will know where to wear it first!

To accommodate the energetic flow of this ring it has been designed to be easily adjustable and comfortably fits finger sizes 6.25 – 9.25.  If you would prefer a ring specifically sized for you please let us know and this can be accommodate on special order!  (Note: Special order will take approx. 3 weeks to deliver).

Gift yourself and learn more about the Divine healing properties of the Trishul/Trident of Shiva!  Just click here

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