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October 28, 2016
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November 4, 2016
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Divine Hanuman!

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Confidence! Inspiration! Break through to the other side and stay there!

This exclusive Shivoham design integrates 4 indiviudally powerful elements into one easy to wear and simply elegant mala. A true essential for anyone serious about the journey. Designed to support all aspects of life you will feel the blessings of the mutitude of energy that surrounds you so beautifully all day.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is recited to get energy and concentration. Hanuman is the source of immense energy and focus. Reciting the full 40 verrses of the Hanuman Chalisa channelizes energy and gives a total focus of mind and body. See the 9 Benefits of the Hanuman Chalisa below!

What if you can literally have this divine gift PULSING THROUGH YOU ALL DAY?
The Beautifully crafted Hanuman pendant contains the ENTIRE CHALISA at the third eye! Created as a container of focused thinking the energy of this blessing is powerful.

When you shine a light through the back of the pendant the Chalisa (all 40 verses) reveals itself!

Designed to have the full compliment of 108 beads in the Mala it also hangs close to the heart center for amplification of your soul’s wisdom. The “plus one” is a Stunning Large 11 Mukhi Hanuman Rudraksha seed and it is easy to take on and off. Worn during yoga practice or meditation it enhances your focus and calls forward divine messages and connections.

Wearing the Divine Hanuman brings forward new levels of self-confidence and co-creative action!

Truly unique and AMAZING!

11 Mukhi Rudraksha: The powerful Seed of Hanuman offers great wisdom, insight, divine service, and abundance and protection!

5 Mukhi: Lord Shiva comes forward to neutralize all discordant energy and amplify your divine connection and peace!

Faceted Clear Quartz: Radiating the full spectrum of the 7 Rays of Crystalline Light, genuine faceted Clear Quartz invites you to claim the ascended presnece easily and with great joy!

9 Major Benefits of the Hanuman Chalisa:
1. Attracts divine knowledge into your life!
2. Transforms the Negative into the Positive
3. Cultivates the blessing of Bhakti, (love and service)
4. Promotes Unity and assists to clear misunderstandings
5. Stimulates self-confidence to open the channels for “fame”.
6. Creates a protective shield that repels negativity and any “black magic”
7. Restores stunning health and vitality
8. Releases frustrations so that your dreams manifest and you experience fulfillment
9. Support to relieve any and all pain, doubt, fear, anger

This beautiful piece is literally like having it all in one mala! May your heart sing with is presence.

Enjoy your Divine Hanuman as a lovely Gold Plate pendant portion or call forward the sacred spiritual energy of High Quality PURE Sterling Silver with enhanced third eye area of red enamel. Custom made for Shivoham and radiant in nature!

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Divine Hanuman!

  1. Lisa Almquist

    I have this beautiful piece. There is an amazing connection that happens when I wear this Hanuman. The best way to describe it is that I feel solid; like I’ve returned home without fear and with incredible clarity. There is a magic about this piece that provides support and a feeling of moving forward knowing that all is well. It is a go-to piece for me. Namaste!

  2. rehlnicholas

    I feel truly blessed to wear this gorgeous piece of ascended jewelry. Firstly, it was sent at 10:10 which is the hour I was born and it arrived on the auspicious Sharad Pournami. When I put it on my entire head started to vibrate with bliss and it has spread all over my body. I also feel more grounded and supported and feel a warm energy on my hands and other areas of my body like a healing energy. Thank You so much for this divine gift!

  3. Moogy

    I love this

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