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October 6, 2017
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Enlightened Ganesh Negativity Protector


This Hand Carved Exquisitely Detailed Ganesh is created using fine hand-selected Kadamba wood. This precious statue is a full 5.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide!  Resting on a felt bottom he brings a very special energy to any room, office, altar or sacred space!
Stunning details are discovered throughout this power piece and his floral mala worn around his neck adorns him with the energy of the true protector from all negativity and the remover of all obstacles!
This item is a specialty that is in LIMITED production and only a very few of these pieces are available!
Filled with rich symbology, you will immediately feel as if your divine heart has been wrapped in love, protection and the release of all negativity!
Gifting you with four arms filled with divine protection, you will notice:
His left rear arm carries the Ankusa…the ever-present energy of forward momentum and protection from procrastination!
His left forward arm sees his trunk dipping into Modakapatra, the bowl of sweets! Reminding us that ultimate sweetness is Moksha, (enlightenment)!
His right rear arm carries the Pasha…the opportunity to release ourselves from the bondage of thoughts of negativity.
His right forward arm carries the blessing of the mudra of protection and the gift of divine joy-filled connection.
His little mouse friend sits safely beside him reminding us all that we can let go of thoughts that seek to stop our divine progress.
This is a true work of art and each sacred deity will vary slightly from the photos and takes one full month to create!
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