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  • Laxmi Lotus Mala and Bracelet
  • Laxmi Lotus Bracelet
  • Laxmi Lotus Bracelet
  • Lotus Seed White Knot
  • Lotus Mala Gold Knot
  • Laxmi Lotus Seed Mala and Bracelet

Laxmi Lotus Seed Mala and Bracelet


The divine blessing of Laxmi and the Abundance and energy of the blooming lotus are tangibly experienced with these wonderful 108+1 malas and bracelets!  Worn alone they offer a soothing radiance and worn WITH any other Shivoham piece they Amplify the energies of Abundance and Attraction!

Lotus Seeds are the divine incarnation of the goddess Laxmi and just as the lotus blooms from the mud, so does wearing these precious seeds offer your life the energy of blooming with prosperity, spirituality and divine wisdom!  They are extraordinarily peaceful and assist you to maintain clarity and calmness when worn.

These beautiful Malas are 108+1 and strung on either Crystalline White or Divine Gold thread.  Please make your selection at checkout.  The bracelets are crafted high quality and durable elastic stretch bands. The malas and bracelets both are finished with Cosmic Blue Tassels wrapped with gold metallic thread to assist the connection with Ascended frequencies.

As each Mala and bracelet are carefully hand crafted, you will delight with the variation and uniqueness of each seed.  This is also a fascinating journey when used for chanting!

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