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March 2, 2017
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March 7, 2017
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Lotus Love Incense Burner


This beautiful and hand made incense burner is created with pure love and emanates the blessing of the lotus in bloom!

Ignite your sacred scents as they are cradled in the Ascension frequency of eternal presence.

Each burner is HAND CRAFTED and lovingly carved to carry the presence of the divine. You will immediately sense the careful attention that was placed into your sacred burner and each is slightly different as it carries the unique carving signature of the artisan.

Made from high quality wood and of excellent quality, this burner will quickly become a familiar friend that brings a smile to your face and joins with you during sacred ceremonies! Treat this precious gift as the sacred object it is and its presence will surprise you.

Place one in every space where you ignite sacred aromas! When not in use your Lotus Love Burner remains present with the blessing of the Lotus, reminding us all that we are eternally blooming with Love!

Lotus Love Incense burner is also available in a portable Lotus Flower option as viewed in the photo Lotus Love Durga Yellow. Just click here

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