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Master Healer Avesa Pendulum


The Master Avesa Healer Pendulum is extraordinary!

Designed to offer “perfect balance” this pendulum offers it all!

Begin with the 4” professional dowsing length of the chain!  This length insures accuracy and smooth glide when dowsing.  Combine that with the alignment of the crystals designed to maximize energy movement, while offering the energies of Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal and Smoky Quartz!

Used over the body during healing sessions it seems to simultaneously open portals of release while comforting them with healing light. The combination and placement of the crystals also insures that as a healer you do not “pick up” any stray or discordant energies during your sessions!  A real bonus.

When used for dowsing, the gentle flow offers greater clarity to your questions and specificity for your answers.  This pendulum is also perfect to assist with space clearing and negativity release!

With regular use the pendulum seems to ‘bond” with your energy and assists you to remember ever more of your inherent mastery!

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