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October 6, 2017
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October 6, 2017
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Rudrani and Crystal Anklet

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Beautiful and comfortable to wear these elegant energetic powerhouses offer divine energy at the ankles and literally offer STABILITY AND SUPPORT!  Made from the blessing of Rudrani seeds and accented with Himalayan crystals we enjoy wearing the Ascended Chakra Stabilizer in combination with the Gaia Harmony or the Cosmic protection.  Doubling these at the ankle adds to the supportive nature and wearing one on both ankles simultaneously carries you through your day with ease and grace!  Working with these beauties we have also experienced the following:

1. Worn at the ankle they assist the wearer to release negative energy while preventing new disruptions from entering into the auric field through open foot chakras.
2.  Pure Himalayan crystal beads assist the chakras to remain in the harmonized state of Ascended balance while enhanced with the delicate and powerful Rudrani!
3.  When worn on both ankles a balance of energy supports your unified field and sends a subtle reassurance to the trinity of the Body, mind, and spirit!

What is Rudrani?
Rudrani seeds are rare and delicate yet strong!  They carry the divine feminine energy of Parvati as the empowered feminine who stands by Shiva and is able to defeat the demons of darkness!
They are born from the same tree species as the Rudraksha and considered to be the feminine counterpart of the seeds. They are VERY Auspicious and highly sacred.  Known to bring balance and upliftment they are perfectly suited to be worn at the ankle or the neck for maximum effects.  For many wearing Rudrani is the ultimate act of attraction when worn with Rudraksha elsewhere on the body as it completes the circuit of Shiva/Shakti

Available in three styles and lovely when worn together!

Wearing the Ascended Chakra Stabilizer WITH one of the other styles offers extraordinary beauty and energetic support. You can mix/match your selections and all anklets are suitable for men or women with adjustable sizing.

Ascended Chakra Stabilizer:
A beautifully elegant, yet energetically powerful adjustable strand of Rudrani and Crystals.

Gaia Harmony:
Harmonized with the stabilizing energy of Rudrani and Crystal with the blessing of Gaia there is a divine balance that dances with you.  Enhanced with the beauty of flowers, the life force of leaves and the Yin/Yan symbol creates an energetic blueprint of peace and balance.

Cosmic Protection:
Gracing the energy of the Rudrani and Crystals experience the moon and stars of the cosmic universe as they spiral together with the mystical Hamsa Hand of protection. One with the divine, relax and allow yourself to claim divine support for your journey!

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1 review for Rudrani and Crystal Anklet

  1. Maria

    Simply stunning! I love their support, energy, and beauty – perfect for the days when I need little extra love and strength.

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