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October 27, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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Shiva’s Power Ring: set with RARE VINTAGE HESSONITE

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There is a special energy that comes forward when we place the sacred on the fingers that wield the energy of our cosmic divinity. This very special Shivoham exclusive design was a gift directly from the heavens and is created to form a dynamic cradle of energy that is directed inward to support the balanced flow of energy and outward it emits a field of protection and support.

Incredibly beautiful and made of solid finest sterling silver with Rhodium coating to prevent tarnishing. Set with 5-6 carat FINEST quality premium stones it is designed to be worn on the first finger of the left hand. Each ring is custom made so please provide your ring size with your order.

Available for a limited time this ring is set with RARE PURE VINTAGE HESSONITE! This is for the index finger and extremely powerful. Vintage Hessonite carries an energy that is extremely pure and the stones are extraordinarily clear. It is a gateway to the Ascended realms and a powerful divine protector.

Need help discovering your ring size Click here for a printable ring sizer!

Gift yourself and learn more about the Divine healing properties of the Trishul/Trident of Shiva!  Just click here

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Shiva’s Power Ring: set with RARE VINTAGE HESSONITE

  1. Corey Defazio

    Namaste, My Shiva power ring pulses the minute i put it on. Giving me feelings of empowerment and Love. I am so grateful! CD USA

  2. Donna

    This ring is even more beautiful than the picture. Mine is a beautiful honey-cinnamon color and it is amazing! I It is hard to describe how I feel when I put it on, but it is like clicking in a key piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It feels like it belongs with me and the sense of gratitude is huge!

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