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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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Shivoham Indra Mala of Enlightenment


—please note that this mala is sold widely for $10,000 or more! Our cost is bar none the best for this precious gift and guaranteed AUTHENTIC finest quality and perfectly blessed—

Revered for eons and known as the Indra Mala, this POWERFUL mala is created with all mukhis from 1 till 21 and our version uses only the finest silver settings and designs to respect the spirit of the Rudraksha. Simply elegant it completes itself with the universal energy of a single silver OM.

The Mala of Enlightenment is a rare and each one is unique and carries special energy for the one who has been called to wear it. The mala is created in a time honored process that involves Sacred Ceremonial Puja and blessing rites. Directly after this sacred ceremony, we lovingly and reverently place the Indra Mala of Enlightenment into a hand crafted Sacred Pyramid box sacred symbols and lined with mirrors so that it creates a powerful energy container. (The box then becomes a powerful tool for energizing any object placed inside it.)

This highest expression of the full radiant unity of Rudraksha is only for the few fortunate persons that have been called to place their divine connection for enlightenment first in their lives. To fully trust the divine without doubt!

According to ancient literature, those who wear the Indra mala if enlightenment have the entire Universe with them self. The Lord Indra Mala influences all the Siddhis for Accomplishment in the relative field and the Absolute Field. The Indra Mala generates all the attributes of destroying ignorance and maintaining balance at the same time one is creating new positive realities to help the Mankind and Womankind in this Age.

This mala was personally created for Spiritual Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and your mala will be personally crafted for you. When you are ready to claim this divine energy we are ready to honor that gift with your perfect Indra Mala of Enlightenment.

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