12 Mukhi Necklace of Divine Protection
12 Mukhi Necklace of Divine Protection
October 6, 2017
Laxmi Lotus Mala and Bracelet
Laxmi Lotus Seed Mala and Bracelet
October 6, 2017
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  • Shiva Eye Headpiece
  • Shiva Eye Headpiece
  • Shiva Eye Headpiece Male
  • Shiva Eye Headpiece
  • Shiva Eye Headpiece
  • Shiva Eye Headpiece




Arrives in stunning handcrafted Sacred Shivoham gift box

Hand crafted with Superior quality Rudraksha, Himalayan Crystals and a Single exquisite Shiva eye agate, this extremely comfortable and easy to wear headpiece is STUNNING!  The cosmic blue and gold adjustable cord stays nice and snug ALL day without need for adjustment or worries of it slipping!  Whether you are ready to call forward your Priest/Priestess energy for a special day, or seeking a PROFOUND meditation Experience, this is a Shivhoham Exclusive that will remind you of your true nature!

The vast energy emanations from this beauty are profound for those that are consciously aware and those who will wear something like this for the first time prepare to receive the noticeable gifts of greater insight, awareness and ability to focus.

Each Star Consciousness Activator is carefully selected for YOU by our loving staff!  We will sit with your name and discover the central Shiva Eye Agate that is calling out to reunite with you and offer the highest blessings to support your journey into higher consciousness with wisdom, knowledge, clarity and direction.

A beautiful and unique gift for the God/Goddess in your life!

Here are just a few comments from those who have already claimed their Star Consciousness Connector: 

When I first put this headpiece on I was astounded at the energy and feelings I experienced. I stood up from my chair and felt taller, more embodied- very present in my body – but not as the little “me”.  It was an instantaneous remembrance of a temple,of being in that temple and being a healer.  I find it hard to find words to describe this yet every time I put the headpiece on I am “lifted up”. It seems to amplify any spiritual practice I do. I didn’t expect such a powerful gift and I am infinitely grateful. May your experience with your Shiva Eye Headpiece be profoundly moving for you too!  Love,Pat

The minute I saw my headpiece I fell in love. Then I put it on and wow!  The best way I can describe it is that it feels completely natural to me…like I’ve always worn one… as natural as wearing earrings… A deep remembrance is definitely surfacing  and it feels sooo good! Truly in love with my Star Consciousness headpiece and my new 21 muki Rudraksha! Donna  

I absolutely adore my wonderful and amazing headpiece. From the moment I got it I love how unique and powerful it is. For me it feels very special, with a lot of High Priestess energy. It helps me to tune it, connect, and provides amazing clarity and tangible support for my intuitive work. I don’t know how they capture so much power, beauty and magic in one piece, – but it is simply stunning! Much love, Masha

Namaste!!! Beloved!!  Wearable sacred art is indeed an understatement.  The Star Consciousness Headpiece is stunningly beautiful.  Upon placing on my 3rd Eye the exploded crown chakra was immediately tangible.  It feels as if I am wearing the exploded chakra diamond on top of my head!!! The energy is intense and so expansive. What a gift…Thank You!  Shakti, Bhakti, Ananda Linda

When I first received my Star Consciousness headpiece, I was awed by its beautiful design and feel. I  have treasured its radiance as I place it on my head with  ceremony, for I have incorporated this “pulsing” Shiva Eye agate, so beautifully suspended over my “3rd eye” (or higher as guided) into my daily meditation. Beyond the shimmering clarity, the Star Consciousness sense of spiritual connection has brought “head peace ” to my daily experience.

“The Star Consciousness headpiece makes me feel like “wonder woman” and  actually gives me a new sense of centered confidence all while having “beautiful” but powerful fun! I feel its “brain clarity” effects long after I have removed it.” 
Elizabeth  L

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