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The Crystalline Gateway Activator

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Imagine the energy of the Blue Ray, the Protection of Shiva, the Divine removal of all barriers of Ganesh and the streaming light of crystalline energy pouring through you! What would you have? This exquisite piece of unisex sacred wearable art we aptly refer to as the Crystalline Gateway Activator.

Crafted by our artisans with careful attention to detail and strung on high quality blue cord, this amazing necklace is graced with two Solid Sterling Charms!
One for Lord Shiva and the other for his son, Ganesh!

These charms are surrounded by a total of four Ultra Clear Himalayan Crystal beads and three high quality five-mukhi Rudraksha!  The three Rudraksha represent the pyramid of your eternal soul supporting your greater purpose on earth and the four crystal beads form the inner chamber or “square” that carries your current expression on earth!

Combining the energies of the “father” (Shiva) and the “son” (Ganesh), the blessing of ascension activation pours through your fourth or fifth chakra as a subtle yet powerful divine harmony.  The adjustable cord lets you decide where the energy is most needed and it is so light to wear you will almost forget you have it on!

If you are not familiar with the powerful mythology of Shiva and Ganesh, please enjoy this short sharing!

One day, Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, was getting ready for her bath and needed someone to guard her chamber so she created a beautiful boy from the sandalwood from her body. She gave him life by sprinkling Holy Ganges water on him and asked him to guard her door.  While she was away, Lord Shiva returned and was surprised to find a little boy standing at the entrance to his wife’s chamber. When he tried to enter, the boy blocked his path.

“Who are you and why are you blocking my path?” demanded Lord Shiva.

“No one enters my mother’s chamber”, declared the bold Ganesh.

Taken aback, Lord Shiva replied, “Step away; I have the right to enter my wife’s chamber.”

When the young and courageous Ganesh did not move and stood his ground, not knowing it was his son, Lord Shiva  grew enraged and cut off the boy’s head.  When the Goddess Parvati returned and saw her son lying dead she was devastated and filled with both anger and sorrow.

Upon seeing her pain, Lord Shiva sent his soldiers to fetch the head of the first beast they saw. The men came upon an elephant and took the head to Lord Shiva, who attached it onto the body of his slain son and gave him life once again.  To further appease his beloved Parvati he promised that her son would be worshiped first, before all other Gods. Even today at the entrance of all temples one sees a Lord Ganesha.

2657767 - lord ganesha with shiva-annual event of ganesh festival celebrations-the idols are worshipped for 11 days and immersed in water after the festival

This father and son relationship offers us the balance of wisdom and action! Of protection and the removal of sorrow!  Together as a unified presence, the Crystalline Gateway Activator will assist you to maintain your balance and to be filled with wisdom and divine action!

Pairing your Crystalline Gateway Activator  with the joy-filled energy of our Happy Hanuman is the perfect resting place for your sacred wearable art when it is not on your neck!  To learn more about the Happy Hanuman, just click here.  

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