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  • Ultimate Om Elegance Ring
  • Ultimate Om Elegance Ring
  • Ultimate Om Elegance Ring
  • Ultimate Om Elegance Ring

Ultimate OM Elegance Ring

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All good things emanate from the OM! It calls us back to the divine and reminds us of our true nature! Symbols play an important role in our lives. They represent an energy and serve to align our consciousness with that energy.

Om represents the one-ness of all creation. Om encompasses everything: the universe, all of creation, all words, and all sounds. Om is the very seed of creation, containing every bit of power found in the universe. Why not call that into your life everyday?

OM is the smallest mantra, yet one of the most powerful.

Our version of the OM is a flowing and beautifully representative of feminine balance with the Oneness of Om. Wearing this symbol in conjunction with the Amethyst offers confident, clear and grounded empowerment of Oneness.

This precious combination also brings the healing power of Amethyst to the wearer and is fully adjustable from size 6.5 – 9.5!  So you can receive it’s maximum effectiveness we suggest wearing this gift on the middle finger of the left hand, however it can be worn on any finger to call forward divine energy.

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1 review for Ultimate OM Elegance Ring

  1. Madalina

    When I received my beautiful Om ring back in January this year, I immediately felt joy , and a deep connection. Since then as I wear it , look at it, or only think of it , I feel my heart filled with Warmth, Love / Trust, and I feel the energy running from my finger to my heart, passing troug my troth chakra , and radiating ( pulsating ) out trough my crown, in harmony with the Univers, the Divine, and all that is.
    When I look at it, seating on my finger with the Om facing me, all worries are melting out , and I can quickly reach a state of deep Pace, Balance, and Beingness, hard to explaine in words. Also, the Amethist is a beautiful touch, and it offers me extra support as it muches my Master soul code of 2. This is more than a beautifull ring , it helps me flow with ease and grace as I travel back to my true self .

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