Rudraksha Prayer Malas

Shivoham Malas for Ascension understands the sacred bond that is formed between the user and the mala. When the element of high quality Rudraksha is brought together with the sacred intention of “carrying the divine”, what appears as a simple strand of beads becomes so much more!

We have carefully selected what we have experienced to be the finest quality Rudraksha Malas & Ratnas available.

Available in a smaller 5 mm size for those who prefer a lighter look and also in the 11mm size for divine presence and additional supportive energies.

All of our malas are 108+1 bead and will easily twist around your wrist if you prefer.

There are numerous explanations why there are 108 beads:

27 constellations x 4 Padas (parts) = 108

28 12 Zodiac Houses x 9 Planets = 108

29 Upanishads or the Scriptures of the Vedas = 108

When used as a counting mala for reciting mantras, when we recite the mantra 108 times we are actually remembering the entire universe. This reminds us of the fact that the universal self is omnipresent, that is the innate nature of the self.

Simply wearing “the universe” offers several benefits such as divine support, stress relief and connectivity. Simple, lovely, essential!

A perfect gift for those you love!