What are Cosmic Agate Shiva Eyes?

By Sri and Kira

Cosmic Agate Shiva Eye stones, (often called simply Shiva Eye Agate) , are well respected as a lovely way to ward of negativity...or "the evil eye". Through our direct experience and divine guidance, we have noticed strong increases in DIRECT psychic awareness and ability to navigate multi-dimensional vibrations.

For many on the path of Ascension there is a tendency to be highly sensitive and to feel lonely at times. These experiences usually reach a heightened state as we navigate our waythrough emotional issues. Often, these issues will include the seeds that try to stop us from our growth, the doubts that arise as we attempt to anchor fully into multidimensional awareness.

To fully ignite our Divine Galactic Blueprint, (the ascended chakra system), requires our first three chakras FULLY IGNITE through the healing of any and all repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed.

Cosmic Agate Shiva Eyes beautifully assist to release and heal. Simultaneously, they provide the gift of easing the “depression or frustration that, occur as you navigate the third dimension during the time of Ascension.

There comes a moment in our lives when the undeniable call of the universe takes center stage and reveals the depth of the divine loving presence that we are ready to receive and understand. As we connect with this & release our doubts, fears and judgments, we become FREE to create and expand in ways that defy the mind.

Through this stability it then harmonizes all of our chakras and has the rare ability to take us even further and into the Ascended Chakras as well!

Working with Shiva eyes in several sizes assists us to remain ever connected with Universal Unconditional love and breaks free us from all self-imposed limitations while opening the gateway for divine partnership!

In addition to the well-known experiences of Cosmic Agate Shiva eye, we are also blessed to share the mystical and cosmic aspects of this extraordinary stone gifted directly from the Divine Violet Shiva.

Clarity through the EYE!

If you are not sure of your purpose OR seeking to truly call it forward, the results we are experiencing are nothing short of powerful and miraculous. There seems to be a partnership that occurs when you connect with "your stones" that is challenging for us to put into words yet tangibly felt from the moment your crystalline family member returns to you.

Through this divine connection, arises a safety to explore the unknown and dive deeply into the path of enlightened wisdom.

We personally are called to work with some of each size and carry them with us continually. We also place them by our nightstands in the evening. They seem to emit an energy that promotes creative visioning and encourages solutions. As you continue there is the discovery that you more easily release the negative aspects or problems that want to “hang on” in your life.

There is also an emanation of energy that "empowers" the auric field and reassures the chakras. This steady soothing energy supports an open Star Consciousness for clear and continual divine inspiration.

What we have discovered overall, is that this Sacred Union of energy ignites the presence of Unconditional love that sustains our Passionate Action!

May you discover this gift for yourself and may your creative passionate action be manifested with peace, love and joy!

If you are wondering, how we discovered these to begin with! Read on!

In late February 2016 we installed our truly amazing Violet Ray Shiva at Terra Nostra Retreat in Uruguay. The large statue of Shiva was shipped from India to Uruguay directly after a sacred puja ceremony consecrating his presence that was held in Mumbai for our group in October 2015.

Shortly after the consecration, Kira Raa began receiving CLEAR and DIRECT messages from this energetic powerhouse. Far beyond the “typical” representation of Shiva, this very unique VIOLET RAY SHIVA carries the unified stream of energy of Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germaine, The Blue Starborn and the Cosmic Essene. Together they merge into the sacred union of the “Shiva/Shakti”, the oneness of all creation personified.

The first request that Kira Raa received from the Violet Ray Shiva was to conduct a series of ceremonies to be held one per day for seven days. Everyone at Terra Nostra participated in this daily ceremonial experience and the energy, information and results, were nothing less than miraculous.

During each ceremony there was extensive meditation time and each time this began, Kira Raa would see a black circle sent to her directly from Shiva. This was confusing at first and then the circle began to have a lovely golden ring form on its border. It was as if she was gazing at “an eye”.

During the fourth ceremony it was clearly transmitted to Kira Raa, this is the Eye of Shiva and will carry you home.

For the next three days each journey was more vivid than the prior. Each meditation began with the opening of the “void”, then the golden circle, and then a journey deep into the creation womb of the universe.

Consumed with the Eye of Shiva energy, Kira was guided to expand her knowledge. Through this exploration arose serendipitous events leading her to “remember and reconnect” with Shiva eye Agate as the earthly representation of the divine. This was what had been shown to her during these ceremonies!

An immediate sense of family pervaded her consciousness and information flooded in. This message came in from the Violet Ray Shiva first:

“You have been placed back in contact with the earthly incarnation of the divine presence and all that it can offer. Through this family of divine energies, one can offer themself a reliable and effortless way to feel connected!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE and as your family returns you will begin to notice a deepening in our connection and communication.

As you connect with me through these stones you will discover that those who may seek to project negative thoughts and energies toward you will be unsuccessful. You will discover that all of your dreams will soften and any frightening energies that would seem to appear through your dream-space will be a distant memory.

For those who have an unbalanced energy or are working with many who have unbalanced energies, holding a stone in each hand often will continually offer an energetic charge that will sustain you and lift you into the vibratory realms that are far beyond the planetary thought body of fear and doubt and chaos.

Relax and discover that each stone carries a unique vibration, color and universal light code. Each is as individual as the person who it is called to reunify with. You, (referring to Kira Raa), will need to surround yourself with many of different sizes to accomplish the gift of a universal grid of divine crystalline ascension frequency that can then be lovingly offered to those who wish to lift into the frequencies of the ascension portals.

Beware that many stones have been recklessly sold solely for the sake of financial gain. To many they are simply inanimate objects and will go dormant until reunified with their family of spirit. Even those who are of loving heart may have in their possession a dormant stone that is simply that…a stone…yet holds the energy of awakening.

The stones that are for the family of spirit that will hear my words through you, will be sent to you as you will be guided to re-discover them. Your connection with me will guide your hands to select and hear them as they dance to their families once more.

There is not any magic needed to activate the stones once they find their way to the family member that they are seeking. Simply gaze deeply into the center of the stones as you breathe, relax and smile. Hold them often, either in both hands or by switching one stone between the two hands. Place them on your body where you are called to place them. Keep them in your workspace and then by your bed at night. Surround yourself with cosmic family through their presence and keep records of the vast communications.

The presence of these Eyes in your life will consistently hold open your Star Consciousness and ignite the stability of the Ascended Heart to flourish. With this stable presence ignited, the miracle presence will call to you and the co-creative centers of the universe will send clear and uninterrupted signals of divine light.”

After this communication we felt clearly guided to say “yes” and began our search to discover PURE, ENERGETICALLY CLEAR Shiva Eye agates that were waiting to be reunited with their spiritual families.

We have found them and we are honored to make them available to you at Shivoham Malas of Ascension. Whether a loose stone or one that has been set into a sacred combination, you will fall in love from the moment you reconnect.